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Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday, 1 Oct 2018 ~ First Day of PT3 Exam

Today is the first day of Alycia's PT3 exam. Three more days to go and she's still not free to enjoy her MERDEKA yet! While all the 15 year olds from National Schools will be free on Thursday, my poor girl and all those from Chinese Independent High Schools will have to sit for their UEC exam in 3 weeks. And this exam is even more important and tougher than the PT3.  Some Chinese Independent High Schools do not require their students to sit for the PT3 but the UEC is compulsory.

Drama Queen doesn't have to go school for two days due to the on-going PT3  examinations. Yesterday we went to Mid Valley Megamall for some retail therapy and happy time!  Just the both of us.

Before we dug into the noodles and 'Bursting Balls' from Go Noodles, we said a silent prayer to God for guiding Alycia in her exam. Just the both of us with eyes closed and hands clasped. People were staring but I wasn't bothered.

I am terribly saddened after reading news that a 15-year old girl  jumped to her death from her condo just hours before sitting for her PT3 exam  early yesterday morning. Inability to handle the exam stress, expected grades and anxiety were what pushed the girl to her suicide.  Sometimes I think it's a blessing in disguise that my girls don't push themselves to excel in their studies.  I am the one who always nags and pushes these three 'tidak apa' slap happy girls. Alycia is still her usual jovial and cool as cucumber self during exams😀 My role is to get her all her favorite food and feed her well, give her a little pep talk and give her pre-exam reminders which I'm sure she already knows. She does group study with her friends in school and revises on her own 👌

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