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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Breakfast For A Recuperating HFM

I have been feeling malaise from the last few days of 2018 right until now.  Thank God things are looking up today and I've gotten back my appetite. Glad that I managed to treat myself yet again with home remedies.

It first started off with just a tingling sensation in my throat after dinner with our friends at a Chinese restaurant, which progressed to lost of voice and then a strep throat, which mutated into a horrendous productive cough which caused me to lose 4 nights of sleep from continuous coughing, then back to having sore throat and then ended with a cold that lasted for just a day.  I was so tempted to drive to the clinic to get some meds but I knew that the doctor would conveniently prescribe me with antibiotics, which would bring on a whole load of nasty after effects, including antibiotic resistance super bugs.

So I soldiered on with just chewing on Indian Borage (Mexican Mint) leaves from my little balcony garden, gulping down packets after packets of Izumio, Super Lutein, Esberitox, raw honey, propolis, essential oils and finally succumbed to buying a bottle of Prospan to stop the cough and Difflam antibacterial lozenges for the sore throat. I also ate pineapple and jackfruit for days as these two fruits are believed to be effective cough remedies. Prospan is the world's no.1 natural chesty cough medicine for adults and children. It contains extracts of Ivy leaves, is sugar-free and does not cause any drowsiness. It tastes mild and not foul-tasting at all.

I don't know which item in particular helped to treat the cough, sore throat and phlegm, but all of the above natural remedies stated above seem to have synergized and produced effective results, though not magically fast but they worked. Once again, I treated myself with home remedies without succumbing to antibiotics!

This was my breakfast on one of my sick days:

Kintry's salted caramel granola, Happy Baby organic kale and spinach rice puffs, organic brazil nuts with a little coffee milk and a spoonful of homemade organic ABC nut butter (almond, brazil nut and cashew) that Sherilyn made.

Are you blinking your eyes to see if you read and saw the correct words and picture? Is that baby food in my bowl? Hell yes! I bought it after tasting my twin baby niece and nephew's snacks when we were in Ipoh last December.  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†  I never thought that organic baby snacks these days can be this yummy that even adults would love.  These are quite costly at RM15 for a small tub but  I am willing to pay a little extra for organic and non-GMO snacks packed with healthy ingredients.

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