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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Dad's Homecooked Dishes

My dad who loves cooking will normally whip up a storm on most Sundays. Last Sunday, my dad single-handedly cooked the following dishes:

Braised Kwa (gourd) with minced pork and mushrooms.

My favorite turmeric chicken.

Pan-fried salmon fish with fried ginger slices.

The sweet, sour and spicy dip for the salmon fish. The sauce is made from fresh lime juice (from limes plucked from our garden), basil leaves (from our garden too), red cut chillies (from our garden too), chopped garlic and a dash of sugar. This sauce will surely tantalize anyone's palate and goes very well with any type of fish that's pan-fried.

Steamed tofu with minced chicken meat, spring onions and soy sauce.

Double boiled chicken soup.

I often joked with my dad and mum that perhaps my dad could open a small eatery that sells MSG-free homecooked dishes when he decides to retire from his current job. I'll help him promote and run the eatery!
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