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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bi-Annual Haircut In Ipoh

How often Baby gets a haircut is how often we make a trip back to my parents in Ipoh. This unassuming hair saloon named Orkid is housed in an old shophouse at Kg. Simee and charges the cheapest no-frills hair cut ever at only RM6. Even I have my hair cut there and the sifu's skill is good! Back in KL, the hubs has to pay RM35 to have Alycia's hair cut every month! And all because Chinese schools' ruling is that the back of the girl's hair cannot touch the collar of the white shirt! Silly ruling I think! My princess wannabe better learn how to tie a bun coz her daddy wants to send her to a Chinese school (only buns are allowed in Chinese schools) and she wants to have her hair kept long... and she is the world's no. 1 'lau hei' (dilly dally) little girl I ever know o_O

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