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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Homemade Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Mid Valley

We were at Mid Valley Megamall about 3 weeks ago for a shopping spree. Before the shopping spree, we had dinner at the newly opened Homemade Fish Head Mee Hoon restaurant @ Mid Valley.

The menu....

Deep fried fish....

'Sui kau'

Alycia was all smiles when she saw the plate of fried rice ordered for her. She is a real 'fan thoong' and prefers rice to noodles and is the polar opposite of Sherilyn who only likes noodles.

'Wat tarn hor' (flat rice noodles cooked with beef slices, Cantonese style). The beef came half raw and we had to send the plate of noodles back to the kitchen to have the beef cooked again. Can you see the pinkish half-cooked beef slices?

Fish head mee hoon with big prawns. Though very tasty, I find the entire bowl of noodles and soup TOO salty for my palate.

Baby's dinner - the bowl of hot water on the right side was used to rinse the mee hoon before I fed her. I had brought along a flask of home boiled soup for her. When we eat out, I always ask for a bowl of hot water to wash away the sauces and oil from the food before feeding her.

For dessert, we had red bean with ice shavings and a scoope of ice cream. I find the red bean TOO sweet for my liking.

I would rate the food 6/10. Maybe I am just not used to eating food that is heavily seasoned with salt and sugar. I find that the broth far too salty and the dessert too sweet for my palate. I don't think I will return to this restaurant again, unless I run out of choices.
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