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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Loving Her Greens

Baby used to like veggie when she was younger and would eat just about any type of veggie. These days, she is shunning away from most of the veggie. She likes only a handful of veggie, namely leek, leek flower and 'yau mark tarm' veggie. When she was younger, she would eat raw celery, raw capsicum, brocolli and other types of veggie. Now, she will single out all these from her bowl of food.

I need to bribe and threaten Baby to eat her veggie sometimes. When she could not poo poo for a day and was refusing to eat her veggie, I took out the bottle of enema and placed it right in front of her when she was eating her lunch. She is terrified of having the enema put into her down under. But still, that did not manage to scare this hard headed Baby of mine to eat her greens, SIGH..... The only way is to chop the veggie into really really really tiny pieces... so tiny that she could just swallow them without chewing!
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