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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby's drawer

Baby has recently dominated my drawer! It all started about a month back. We were all suspicious on why all my pens and papers were always missing. Alycia and Sherilyn also blamed each other whenever their things go missing. Then one day, I discovered that Baby had been stealing our things and putting them into my drawer, AHA! The thief was caught red handed when I saw her stuffing things into my drawer. No wonder I noticed that she had been running to my bedroom all the time and would spend a few minutes in there.

Some of the stuff in my drawer (which she now claims is hers) are Sherilyn's old flash cards from preschool, rubbish which I had thrown away - pos laju docket papers, used plastic bags, old coloring books which were all used, etc. The other day, she even stuffed Esberitox (meds for runny nose) into the drawer. She had apparantly climbed up the table, grabbed the box of Esberitox and stuffed it into her drawer. Oh yeah, she also hid some of our junk food (fish muruku and Cheezels) into her drawer LOL!!!!
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