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Friday, September 24, 2010

Homecooked Catered Food

After having homecooked catered food for a month, I finally stopped the service. I just can't stand the salty dishes and the 'wok loh' (burnt wok residue) covering the food most of the time. Most days, we get curry (chicken, fish or beef) and my kids can't really eat spicy food. If it's a stir fried or braised chicken dish, most of the time, the chicken meat will be covered in black sauce, making the chicken look as if it were burnt. Can't stand those sauces, sugar, oil and salt that this caterer uses. 80% of the food would go to our helper everyday and we are paying RM280 a month for the food! So starting from tomorrow, I shall take over the wok again!

Here are 3 dishes that we received yesterday:

Sweet and sour fish. This is pretty tasty but there were only like 6 pieces and definitely not enough for my 3 gals, my helper and me.

Curried sotong balls and stir-fried long beans. Everyday there will be 1 'fast food' like fish balls, sotong falls, fake crab stick meat, fried wanton, sui kau and other packaged food that we can easily buy from the supermarket.
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