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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Saturday

My parents are in KL again, yippeeee! The girls have been missing them and have been counting down to the days granny and koong koong would be here again. This afternoon the weather was perfect - not too hot but cloudy and breezy. So the girls went swimming with granny and koong koong for almost 2 hours .... again... until their skin got all wrinkled and 'chlorinxicated'.

We had good old Ipoh food that my dad brought from Ipoh for lunch this afternoon. I ate so much till I felt so queasy after my lunch. I made myself a big mug of lemon juice and drank it the whole afternoon to ease the queasiness. We were all so stuffed that we had a late dinner at 8pm. We went to a nearby restaurant for dinner and my dad and I decided to walk there to burn off some calories (though it was drizzling) .... while the kids and my mum took a car ride there. After dinner, it was still drizzling but my dad and I still insisted on walking home instead of getting into the car. I tell yer, I felt so much better after the half an hour walk (15 minutes each way). Knowing that I had burnt off at least 80 calories from the half hour of brisk walking also burnt off my corrosive guilt of eating so much carbs today :P

Tomorrow is going to be another binge eating day for us. We will be having buffet lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant - Xenri. It is a an advance birthday celebration for my mum.

I better hit the sack now as I have to pull myself out from bed to run at 7am! But I MUST wipe off the cob webs from this blog before all my readers stop visiting my blog! Have a great weekend peeps!

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