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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bestest Jie Jie In The WWW

Alycia and Baby are really an item. They love each other very much and Alycia is very possessive of her baby sister. The other day, Baby fell off the chair at the dining table. She fell face down and hit her forehead on the cold hard floor. God must have sent a guardian angel to cushion off the fall. My helper was feeding her lunch and Baby was moving about... and I think my helper must have been careless and then I heard a thud. I had expected to see bruises or blood from the mouth or head but after putting ice compress on the forehead, no one would have even realized she fell from the dining table chair with a booster seat on top. I tell yer, my heart beat must have been flat-lined for a good 1 minute. I was so shocked I felt like puking.

After the fall, I told Baby not to be like a monkey and move so much when she's seated on the chair. I explained to the 3 girls that the head is very important as the brain is inside the head. I told them that our brain is like the CPU of the computer (I had just done revision with Alycia on the computer parts) and if it's hurt, then the entire body will be useless....and they will not recognize mummy or daddy or anything else anymore. At that point, Alycia quickly tested Baby and asked her "Cassandra, what is this?", while showing her things around us like my mobile phone, chairs, books, etc. She was happy that her baby sister was A OK. She's indeed the bestest jie jie in the whole wide world!

"Cassandra, what is this, tell cheh cheh..." and Baby was busy playing and licking the ice cubes that was meant to be put on her forehead.
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