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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Stones On My Diamond Ring

My hubs was searching for something one day recently when he stumbled upon our wedding rings. You see, we keep misplacing our wedding rings as both of us just don’t have the habit of wearing rings. Actually the rings were not our very first wedding rings. My hubs had lost his very first wedding ring and I was really upset about it. 2 years ago, he gave me another wedding ring for my birthday and he also got himself another matching wedding ring. I was deeply moved. Recently, I could not find our new wedding rings and then he found them again! I should ask him to keep the rings in the safe deposit box in the bank, lest we lose them again. I don’t think we will wear those gold rings anymore. We can show our love for each other in other ways, other than through wearing the rings. But I will still hint to him to get me a diamond ring! I would love to have those green diamonds or lab diamonds on the ring, the bigger the stone the better :D
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