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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Thief

I have a little thief at home who would forage for forbidden food and junk food whenever she seizes an opportunity... like when I have just turned my back on her or when there is no one at the kitchen. That's when this smart little opportunist would hurriedly grab the Ikea stool or push the dining table chair to the kitchen, quickly climb on it, grab the forbidden food and shove it into her mouth at lighting speed and then she would smugly say "mummy, look..." with her mouth full of kuih, chips or crackers!

We have learned our lesson. Now, we can no longer freely put food that we have just bought on the counter top, dining table or anywhere that's within her reach. We have to hide it or hang it on the highest level of the kitchen cabinet door. Having said all these, I still think that she looks absolutely cute with her mouth stuffed with food (so stuffed that she could hardly move her mouth LOL!!) and both her cheeks protruding side ways, complete with the cheeky and smug look on her face!
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