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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pilot's Creoroll Mess-Free Crayons

My generous sil from Hong Kong sent another big box of goodies to us last week. In the box was what Alycia had been persuading me to buy for her - mess-free crayons encased in plastic holders that can be rolled up and down. I saw them at a stationery shop in Gardens Mid Valley but didn't buy it for her as it was way too expensive. Moreover the girls have too many crayons at home, so many that I can find them at every nook and corner and often, they were thrown away.

The awesome Pilot Creoroll Mess-Free crayons in 8 smashing colors...

The mess-free crayons are perfect for toddlers as their tiny hands will not get dirty. There is very little falling crayon dust as compared to conventional crayons...

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