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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stinky Poop Everywhere!

Baby has been having constipation issue for the past 1 year, ever since she started to eat more solids, especially meat. From a veggie lover when she was a baby, she has now regressed and hates her greens. I have to give her Duphalac Lactulose everyday to help her to move her bowels. At times, even with Duphalac her stubborn bowles just won't budge a wee bit. That's when I have to give her full strength of Duphalac. With full strength Duphalac plus red dragon fruit (which is really good in moving her bowels), she would sometimes have watery poop. And this was just what happened the other day. This fler pooped in her diaper and then ran round the house, with the trails of watery stinky poop all over the house floor and bedroom floor. Eewwwww, I tell yer, that was horrid and gross! Rascal #2 who can never sit still was jumping round the house and stepping on the poop! My helper and I had to clean up the absolute mess and finished off with Disinfectant!

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