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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Boy's Dream Fulfilled After 30+ Years

There was once a little boy who loved toy guns. He wanted very much to have a toy machine gun that could emit sounds but his mummy would say NO to his requests each time he begged for the toy. He could only play his friend's toy guns but they were not his. He wanted very badly to have his own big big toy gun.

30 over years on, he finally fulfilled his childhood dream. He bought the toy gun that he dreamed of every night when he was a little boy. And his daughters loved his toy gun too. He is now a very contented man. A very happy daddy who always fulfills his 3 princesses' wish, whims and fancies.

The big boy playing with his toy gun...

But he is very generous with it and shared it with his 3 princesses...

His 3 happy princesses...

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