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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Next Malaysian Idol Competitor?

Sherilyn took part in a talent time competition at her pre-school last Saturday. The talent time competition was held after the pre-school's sports day event. Everyone in the family went to the pre-school to watch her participate and to give her moral support - hubs, Alycia, Baby, kakak and even my brother and sil from Singapore.

Sherilyn in action belting out "I Went To School One Morning", complete with actions.

Though the judge (from another school) did not select her as the top 3 winners in the 6-year old category, she was however chosen by her principal and teachers to represent the pre-school in an inter-school talent time competition, to be held on 13 June, judging on her good vocal chord, clarity of her words when she sang and confidence. However, this fella is refusing to take part in the inter-school competition, reason being her other 2 classmates also refused to partake, sigh! However, after some coaxing, she is now relenting and is slowly agreeing to partake. Well, we shall see her mood and what the school principal says next week. IF she emerges the top 3 winner in this competition, she will partake in an international talent time competition to be held at Genting Highlands! Well, who knows my princess wannabe will be a future Malaysian Idol competitor!
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