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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Collection Of DVDs

The holidays are just days away. The only thing that I look forward to about the school holidays is that I can sleep for half an hour longer each morning. I don’t look forward to having 3 screaming and bickering brats at home though. Our initial plan was to make a trip back to Ipoh to my parents but something cropped up and we will most likely stay put in KL. One sure way of keeping the girls silent and still when I need some quiet time to do my work is to turn the idiot box on. Once the idiot box is turned on, the 3 rascals will be a good as angels!

I have over 4 huge folders of DVDs and VCDs on cartoons and educational programs and the collection is growing steadily, thanks to my hubs who is a huge van of movies himself. Now that we have a new MPV that comes with 2 TVs, the girls are enjoying their car rides ever more. In our car is another DVD folder complete with new DVDs, including one on Tangled, Disney’s latest cartoon, which is a marvelous adaption of Rapunzel. With hubs’ collection of DVD and the girls’ DVDs, we can really consider opening a stall to sell them to earn some quick bucks!
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