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Friday, May 27, 2011

Teaching Sherilyn Money

One of the topics covered in Sherilyn's recent mid term exam for 6YO pre-schoolers is money, i.e. all the denominations, how to add up Ringgit note and sen and questions in comprehension format. The standard is equivalent to that of Primary 2 kids. I remember I had a hard time teaching Alycia 2 years ago. It's the same with Sherilyn now. I had to use real money to explain the concept to her, which I think helped her to understand better. Hmm, I wonder why the kindergarten teacher did not take the effort to ensure that all the kids understood before they tested them on this topic. I'll bet other kids had a tough time grasping the whole concept too.

During revision with Sherilyn, as usual the impatience in me made me blew my top when this rascal just could not get it right. Her attention span is very, very short and her mind is always wandering far away. My SIL from Singapore who was up in KL came to my rescue. Then my mum. At long last, she finally got it right with the help of 3 tutors. She scored a 96% for her Math!

... and little nosy parker wants to be involved in all her jie jies' activities too!
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