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Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Man With A Soft Spot

This morning, Baby screamed and jumped up from the couch, where she was seated and having oranges, when she saw a bumble bee flying towards her. The baby bee flew away and landed on the curtain. Hubs then called kakak to bring a plastic bag to catch the bee, to which she quickly brought one and managed to catch the baby bee. Just as she was about to squash the baby bee, hubs screamed out "jangan bunuh dia" (don't kill it!). I asked him why and he gave an answer which was very thoughtful and responsible. He said that bees make honey for us, so why kill it? He then released the baby bee from the plastic bag outside the window.

One time, hubs saved a drowning kitty in the half full drain outside our house after a heavy downpour. He brought the kitten out and used a hair dryer to dry the kitten's fur, then let the kitten remain in our porch for a few days. I fed the kitten with milk. But the kitten went away by itself. My hubs can irritate me to the pit of my guts sometimes but he can be a fallen angel in many ways.
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