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Friday, August 5, 2011

Brunch At The Han Room @ The Gardens

We had brunch at The Han Room @ The Gardens Mid Valley Megamall last Saturday. We rarely ever go out for brunch at Mid Valley on a Saturday. We were actually geared to go to Ficelle Patisserie to have breakfast but it was raining pretty heavily. So we changed plan and decided to go to a place with sheltered car park.

The Han Room is under the Oriental Group of Restaurants. This restaurant is pretty classy and the food is good, just like the other restaurants in the Oriental Group.

Apart from the usual har gau, siew mai, char siew pau, fried radish and fish balls, we ordered these too:

Egg tarts...

Deep fried stuffed crab....

This is no ordinary deep fried chicken wing, check out the pic below to find what treasures lie within when the wing was cut up....

Minced meat stuffed nicely inside the wing, beneath the crispy skin....

Cabbage fish balls...

Char siew, braised tofu and siew yoke. The siew yoke was super crispy and tasted top-notch, yums!

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