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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Buffalo Kitchens @ Bangsar (Opposite Bangsar Village)

We were at Buffalo Kitchens 2 Sundays ago. The first thing that caught our eyes and attention when we went up to the restaurant was the various 'F' words written with colorful chalks on the wooden steps leading to the restaurant, located on the first floor of a corner shop lot (opposite Bangsar Village). Don't get them wrong. The 'F' words have nothing to do with vulgarity. 'F' simply means FUN FILLED FOOD here :D

The next few things that caught my attention were the Buffalo brand pots and pans hanging on top. That is expected from a restaurant that is owned by the Buffalo pots and pans Management.

The open kitchen concept with tummy rumbling aroma of food and herbs cooking wafting everywhere in the restaurant will definitely move your heart to order every single dish on the menu!

Here's what we ordered:

Bread with vinegar and olive oil dipping - this was given on the house...

2-way deep fried soft shell crab with Thai sauce...

Grilled chicken salad...

Seafood pasta for my pasta craze girls...

Love this fusion spring chicken. It has generous amounts of pound turmeric and herbs, served on a bed of mashed pumpkin. Very flavorful and lip-smacking. The only complaint is of its meager size.

Grilled fish....

Hubby's steak...

A plate of pasta was not enough for my 3 girls, so we ordered another plate of creamy vegetarian pasta...

All in all, the food was pretty good, albeit a tad pricey. But it is expected when you dine in a restaurant located in the up-class Bangsar area.

F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens,
69-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.
Tel: 2201-1710
Opening times: Open daily, 12noon-12midnight
Located above Chawan and opposite Bangsar Village.

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