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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gift Of Gab

Baby is getting more and more vocal each day. She can answer me back very, very well and logically too. Many times she out-talks and out-wits me. Her character is becoming more and more like rascal #2. Yesterday, I gave her a ceramic cup with a slice of cheese cake inside. She had just finished drinking fresh orange juice from the cup and I thought just put the cheese in the cup so that I don't have to wash another bowl. But she dropped the cup just when I was handing it to her. As I was cleaning up the absolute mess on the floor (my maid had gone down to pass clothes to my customer), Baby said this in defense "who asked you not to pass the handle of the cup to me? I didn't drop the cup. You didn't give me the handle! See, I am holding a spoon in my hand, how to hold the cup?? It's not my fault!" ..... to which I told myself how true. I admit I was hurrying as I was passing the cup to her and I think I did not pass the side of the cup with the handle to her. And yes, she was holding a spoon too.

I wasn't even scolding her but she was yakking away to defend herself in a real defensive manner, lest I reprimand her and do not give her a good behavior sticker at night. GOSH, this girl has a gift of gab but I really hope that she will put this 'talent' to good use and not use her words to 'kek sei ngor" just like rascal #2!

My Toys Story and Buzz Light Year craze 3YO baby girl, growing up really fast...
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