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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Raya Holiday In Ipoh

The girls, all set for their journey back to Ipoh yesterday, to meet koong koong and granny over the Raya holidays.

We are now back in Ipoh and enjoying all the good old Ipoh hawkers' food. We went to Kwong Heng and Chun Tien in Ipoh Old Town for lunch today. But the queue and wait were horrid. The coffee shops were a sea of people. Even bowls and cutlery were not properly washed. And #2 and #3 did not behave themselves. Pretty stressful for me and I told my hubs that the next time we go there, we better go without the #2 and #3 so that I can enjoy my food.

Logging off now to enjoy a massage on my mum's Gintell massage chair and then my 2nd round of jogging to burn off some fat, before digging into a sumptuous dinner tonight!

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