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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bribing My Kids For A Good Massage!

Lately I have been having stiff and achy neck and achy shoulder blades, a result of working too long on the desktop computer. Sometimes I will 'electrify' my neck and shoulders with the OTO Hans machine to loosen up the nerves and sore muscles. But what I really love and need is a good massage - with human hands! So I have to rope in my girls to do it but the only way to get them to do it willingly is with bribes! And the TV is the reward. "NO TV if you don't massage me!!" How pathetic eh? I need to bribe my kids with kick backs to get them to give me a good massage! But the bribe is all worth it. My girls, especially Alycia can really do a good massage job, at the right points on my neck and shoulders. After each massage, I feel really good. I can feel my stiff muscles, veins and nerves all loosened up after the 15-minute massage session from my girls :D
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