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Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny Conversation With Baby, My Assistant

Funny conversation with Baby yesterday:

Baby is normally topless at home as she sweats easily. As I was bringing her to the bathroom to pee, I can't help but notice her protruding guitar-like bones on her body.

Me - Baby, you are so so skinny, like a skinny stray dog...

Baby - Then you give me some of your fat ok...

and then pretended to 'transfer' some of my fat to her own body with her tiny hands, LOL!!!

I was like huh? This 3YO girl talks like an adult. Where did she learn to say that?

2nd scenario

Whenever Baby sees her Sherilyn che che straying away at shopping malls, she will yell out to her che che, " hey come back Kay Yi!! Bad people will catch you, then cut all your hair, change your clothes, chop off your hands and legs and you will never see mummy again! Come back Kay Yi!!"

She is also a very good monitor. Each time we get into the car, she will remind her #2 che che to lock the door if daddy forgets to press the door central locking. She knows that her 2nd che che is very mischievous and she never fails to remind her che che to behave LOL!! I think she will make a very good class monitor in future.

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