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Thursday, September 22, 2011

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Baby Sister

Alycia often asks me why her baby sister is so 'weird'. When I asked her why she called her sister weird, she told me "because she does not talk like a baby. She talks like a 6 year old girl"! She told me that she wished Cassandra is still like a crawling baby and will always be cute LOL!!!

Just now while tucking them into bed, Alycia revealed her 'secret' to me... which touched the pit of my heart.

Alycia - mummy, do you know that every morning before going to school, I will lie down next to Cassandra? I will pinch her cheeks like "eeeeeeshhh" (and showed me how 'geram' she pinched her baby sister's cheeks) and kiss her cheeks.

And as she was telling me her 'secret', I was wondering if they were twins in their past lives. I am really touched and amazed with Alycia's love towards her baby sister. I know she misses her baby sister a lot while she is at school.

Alycia also revealed another secret to me... that she has been secretly carrying Cassandra whenever I am busy and not looking! I have always forbidden Alycia from carrying Cassandra, lest she drops the fragile little thing onto the floor. But how am I to be angry to see such strong love and bond between these 2 sisters?

She ain't heavy. She's my baby sister! I love pinching her cheeks and carrying her to bits!!
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