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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back To School

School has reopened finally and I must admit that I am uber glad!  I now have back the 3.5 hours of sheer bliss and peace in the morning when all 3 rascals are in school.  No more rowdy, roister and rollick in my home all day long, what a relief!  And I have the time to update my blogs and to do some online work without much interruption.  Last night, I submitted an advertisement to the US advertiser in the nick of time.  I saw the advertiser's website clock ticking 15 minutes 00 seconds to 11 June 2012 (the expiry date) and that was how much time I had on hand to whip up an ad and submit it across. I managed to submit the ad just when the website clock rolled to 00 minutes and watched the date changed to 11 June 2012 US time HAHAHA!  That sure was an adrenalin pumping assignment and I did that just before bedtime.  I was really sleepy but could not sleep as I had a very, very bad colic tummy the whole night.  Darn the PMS!!

Got to pick up rascal no. 3 back from preschool now!

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