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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad Day Today! Hoping For A Better Tomorrow

Today is not a good day for me.  Problems seem to be sprouting from every aspect of my life -- with customers, with suppliers, with advertisers and some ads with tough requirements (but pays pretty well), with the kids as usual (never easy to be a WFHM), with personal issues and I have some very hard to make major decisions to make that will affect my life and that of my kids and hubs.   I feel like writing out all my frustrations and sorrows here BUT no no, the world is reading this post right now.  Many of whom know me, including my customers and the advertisers.  So shall keep all my troubles to myself.  Only I can make the decisions myself.  Hubs said "all up to you"... He gave suggestions but sigh, his suggestions are not practical sometimes.   So here I am, feeling stressed up to the max.  I can feel that my head is about to explode and about to have a blood vessel or two that will rupture too.  Because of all these pent up stress and troubles to tackle, I am very tacky and blow my top very easily. I sound like a delirious mother yelling her lungs out, sometimes with very hurtful words and words that I should never have said.  I pray that my kids will not pick up this foul temper of mine and the absolute impatience.  I hate these 2 weaknesses in me.

I have to pull the bull by its horns and face the current trouble and impending ones.  I am not one who gives up easily and throw in the towel.  So I am going to be brave, pray to Him above and face my troubles calmly and bravely, like a soldier who walks into a war zone.  I can already see a battle ground ahead of me now but I am not going to chicken out as I am one responsible mother, blogger and online store owner.  I will soldier on!  Dear God, please help me to win the war with your help, Amen.
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