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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Shoes For The Girls

Alycia was grinning from ear to ear when I gave the nod of approval to her daddy to buy this pair of Puma shoes, which is by far the most 'ladylike' sports shoes that we have spotted after checking out several sports shops. Getting this girl a pair of shoes is a chore and it has never been easy finding her a pair of shoes that she really likes. I can skip the ballet flats or Mary Jane shoes. Nothing fanciful or girlish for her. For someone who is very sporty, she obviously only fancies sports shoes or sneakers. But the ones that we had seen earlier were all too bulky and 'masculine' for her. So when I spotted this pair of Puma shoes from a sports shop at Pavillion, I did not have to think about it too much. Though this pair of shoes cost double the price of my Scholl wedge sandals which I bought on the same day, I who hold the position of Home Minister gave the approval to the hubs to buy it for her haha!  After all, this pair of shoes can be handed over to Sherilyn and hopefully to Cassandra too. That's one of the advantageous of having 3 girls. Clothes, shoes and books can be recycled, thus putting all the expensive clothes and shoes into good use LOL!!

The youngest of the lot was not left out too. I got her this pair of Disney Princess sneaker from Parkson @ Pavillion and she loves it to bits and wore it in the house and was reluctant to remove them.

By the way, rascal #2 was not left out. In our previous shopping trip, I had already bought her a pair of pink clogs/sandals from one of those kiosks in Gardens Mid Valley.  So everyone in the family has  new shoes to strut around now :D
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