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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interesting Question!

Recently, some refurbishment works were done to the adult as well as kids swimming pool at our condo. The water was all drained out from both the pools to facilitate refurbishment work to be done. After 3 weeks, the pools were ready to be filled up with water after they were cleaned up. My kids and I waited and waited for the water to reach the brim of the pool and finally...after the long wait, the water hoses were removed and the cordon-off strings were removed. We were so happy after staying off-limits from the pool for almost a month. Now the interesting question! Anyone wants to make a wild guess on how many hours or days it took to fill up the adults swimming pool with water?

Tip - it took almost half a day to fill up half the kids pool with water. How many hours or days do you think it took to fill the adults pool up to the brim with water? Water from almost 4 tap sources were used to fill up the adults pool.

 Answer :
1) about 28 hours
2) about 40 hours
3) about 52 hours
4) about 60 hours
5) about 4 days

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