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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Roast Chicken With Purple Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin... With A Drizzle Of Truffle Oil

Roast chicken with purple sweet potatoes and pumpkin -- that's the first dish that I cooked in almost 5 months yesterday!  That's how long the mil has been staying with us and taking charge of all the cooking, leaving me free to do other work.  Now that she's away in Hong Kong again, the kitchen's back in my charge and for a moment, I felt like I have lost touch of my culinary skill!  For a moment, the thought of stir-frying dishes is such a hassle and time consuming.  So I whipped up something that's really tasty and will definitely get the thumbs up from my 3 fussy girls plus I do not have to stand in front of the oil-splattering wok  I love cooking but not  having my body and face coated with oil after each cooking session. Not to mention the kitchen floor, stove and kitchen tops.

With whatever sauces that I can find in my fridge, I marinated the chicken drumsticks and chicken ribs with Terriyaki sauce, soy sauce, Lea & Perrin sauce, some pepper and mixed herbs and set it aside for about 3 hours in the fridge.  Then I drizzled the pan with some white Truffle oil and lay the chicken on it.  While the chicken was cooking in the oven, I cooked the pumpkin and purple sweet potato in the microwave oven for about 5 minutes to soften them, before spreading them onto the pan together with the chicken and roasting them for another 5 minutes.  All in, it took 20 minutes to roast the chicken.  

Apart from this chicken dish, I also made a chives omelette for the added protein and fibre.  My kids enjoyed their dinner very much and it was evidenced from the chicken bones that were gnawed clean without a trace of chicken meat left on it and a squeaky shiny plate with nothing left but bones :D

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