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Monday, October 8, 2012

Cassandra's Very First Concert

A week ago, my baby girl participated in her very first pre-school concert. It was an Alisan dance (a Taiwanese mountain dance). Watching her dance on stage made me emotional and teary-eyed. I seem to get very sentimental each time I see my daughters perform. I felt the same when I watched Sherilyn dance during her concert cum graduation from pre-school last year and during her ballet performances. I have never watched Alycia perform in any of her concerts during her pre-school years as I was too busy and preoccupied with Cass who had a very difficult and painful babyhood. Anyway, it's not late. I still have plenty of years ahead of attending my daughters' concerts and performances.

 Cass with her bestest friend, Sasha, who looks like a living doll due to her pint size...


Something funny happened just minutes before the 4YOs were to go up stage.  A student cried, which seemed to be really infectious and then another kid cried, and another and then like a chain reaction, about 10 of them were crying.   The girl next to Cass was crying for a good one hour and thank goodness she stopped short just moments before she went up stage.  And thank God the crying spell did not infect Cass, phew!!


Cass with her handsome classmate, Ryan

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