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Monday, October 1, 2012

Post Concert Day Holiday

Today is a one-day school holiday for Cass as it was her school concert yesterday. Her kindergarten always declares the post-concert day a holiday. With her 2 elder sisters in school, my baby girl was pretty bored today. After breakfast and shower, I allowed her to play with the iPad while I get some online work done. Then she started to get bored with the iPad and I had to think of some fun activities to placate my baby girl. I looked around the house and saw the 2 broken hand-made lanterns that Alycia and Sherilyn made on Friday. I removed the angel’s wings, tiara, hearts and pom pom balls from the lanterns so that I could recycle these pretty craft materials. I told Cass to make Alycia a birthday card. It is not Alycia’s birthday just yet but I wanted my very bored 4-YO daughter to do something that she loves so that her time is kept occupied and I can complete some of  my work without interruption.  After showing her how to create a fairy-themed birthday card with wings, tiara, hearts and all that jazz, my baby girl sat quietly at the dining table to work on the birthday card for her favorite sister.  Soon, it was lunch time and we had chicken porridge.

When Alycia and Sherilyn were back from school, Cass could not wait to show Alycia the card she had made for her! I should have kept the card as soon as Cass had finished working on it. Now, there is no more surprise for Alycia from Cass on her birthday in 2 months’ time. Oh well, it’s ok. I shall get Cass to prepare Alycia another birthday card. By 4pm, my baby girl was so jaded that she dozed off while ‘reading’ some magazines, including one on Nursing 2013! That Nursing 2013 mag is a critically acclaimed award winning journal which my nurse friend left in my house when she came to visit me recently. She is now a senior nurse at a private hospital and has plans of pursuing her studies in this fraternity.

Check out what sort of magazine my baby girl was reading here. I have no idea how she got hold of her daddy’s magazines for men. I guess that magazine must have bored her to slumberland haha!

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