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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clumsy Pot Did It Again!

Miss Butterfingers and Clumsy Pot made another big boo boo. Each time she tries to help out or be independent, she will surely cause more trouble and messes than  to provide help. The other morning (on Xmas day!), I was hanging out the laundry and she volunteered to fix her milk on her own. I consented, though I had a hunch again that she  will cause spillage but I knew I had to let her try doing things on her own, else she will forever be prevented from being independent just because she is clumsy.

Not even a minute later, she ran to me with a guilt-stricken face and told me that she spilled 'VERY LITTLE MILK POWDER'. I knew her VERY LITTLE meant A LOT as that was not the first time accidents like that had happened.

The counter top was covered with white milk powder, as with the floor and some of the drawers! I had to change the cloth on the kitchen top, which was very tedious as we had things placed on the cloth. I was raging with anger. I enlisted the help of my most reliable helper to clear up the mess while I quickly finished off with the laundry and then mopped the floor.

Accidents like this happen every single day. But I can't put her in cold-storage as this will only cause a more negative impact on her. So I just have to bear with her clumsiness, scream more and work more on cleaning up her messes. Sometimes I wonder if she is Dyspraxia as she has many of the symptoms. But after reading the symptoms from the internet, I do not think she falls into this category as she has excellent social skills and was a fast learner in sitting, crawling, walking, etc when she was a baby --all way ahead of her peers.

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