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Thursday, January 17, 2013


The other morning while I was jogging, I bumped into a friend’s mother. She is a cancer fighter. She was diagnosed as suffering from cancer 3 years ago. Though she has lost the ability to eat food on her own, she still looked great to me when I met her that morning. Her voice has changed, as a result of the chemotherapy and her weight has dropped tremendously. She has a feeding tube attached to her belly. After a 3-year silence from her and having not met her for so long, I felt really happy to have bumped into her. She was having a morning walk with another friend, which was a positive sign. A few weeks later, my friend told me that her mother was admitted to the hospital for some breathing difficulties but has since been discharged.

It is with my utmost hope that my friend’s mother will recover completely and will be in complete remission. If only a cure for cancer is found, the world will be a better place to live in. I fear this disease very much and I pray to Him everyday that none of my loved ones and I will be afflicted with this disease. If we were living in the US, I would have directed my friend’s mother to cureLauncher, a company that connects cancer patients to free lifesaving clinical trials.
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