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Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy To Prepare Noodles For The Kids

For time-challenged WFHM without the help of a live-in maid, having to cook 2 meals everyday is indeed a challenge.  I can take the short cut way out by packing food everyday but I am totally opposed to the idea of my kids and me eating oily, salty food cooked using  utensils with questionable hygiene and water from dodgy source. I'll bet most of the 'chap fan' (economy rice) stalls do not use filtered water to cook their food, nor would they use good quality oil. These stall owners hire mainly foreign workers from third world countries to prepare the food and I have seen how they handle food, which really made my tummy churn. We all love to eat roast chicken and roast duck but I'll bet after you see how those fresh from roaster chickens and ducks are hung  on rusty window grills (with cob webs somemore) next to a stinky drain with rats and roaches crawling, you will turn nauseous *gasp*!!   LOL!

Thus, no matter how busy I may be, I'll try to cook for the kids. And I have taught them to eat simple and no-frills meals, like this one....

Organic brown rice vermicelli with pork balls, crab claws, mustard green veggie in homemade radish chicken soup. Though the pork balls and crab claws ain't the healthiest choice of  meat to go with  the vermicelli, I think it is still way healthier than outside food. Agree?

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