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Monday, January 7, 2013

She Talks

This morning, Cass saw a little moth flying in the room. This little fler has a phobia of flying insects. She yelled her lungs out and I comforted her, telling her that the moth was probably more frightened than us than she was of it.  She dared not enter the room to dress up for school.  I then told her that the moth was already under the bed...

Me - don't be scared, the moth is now under the bed

Cass - for what?

Me - waiting to die there

Cass- can you feed it so that it won't die? What can you feed it with?

Me - it probably sucks juice from the flowers but how can we feed it with flowers. Just let it die.

Cass - No, don't let it die.  Please feed it so that the baby moth can go back to its family and be happy forever and ever.

Me - I thought you are scared of it and want it to die?

Cass - NO! If it dies, then the family can't find it. Let it find its family pleasssssse...

My baby girl is such a sweet little girl with such a loving nature. She is so loved that she wants all living things around her to feel loved too

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