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Friday, October 16, 2015

Choosing An Evening Dress

The other day one of my regular customers approached me and literally begged me to help her find a suitable evening gown. It has to be black (and preferably shimmering) and must be floor length. She approached me on a Tuesday and the wedding dinner of her friend was to be held on that coming Saturday. Gawd I panicked as she made me panic!  I halted everything that I was doing and went through my albums and my supplier's website to see if I had any evening gowns that met her criteria. After showing her a dozen pictures, she finally picked one.  But our worries were far from over as I was not sure if the dress could reach her by Friday.   I had to courier the dress to her. She stays in another town and if she was lucky, she would receive the parcel the next day.  If her parcel happened to land on the hands of an inefficient postman, it would take days or perhaps even weeks to reach her. And the worst case scenario would be the parcel being mishandled by the postman and never reach her! And this had happened to my customers in the past.  We prayed hard after the parcel was sent out and thankfully, it reached her the next day!

Since evening dresses are needed for special events, it is important that they arrive on time and fit properly. Thus, I would advise that you shop for your dress ahead of the event. I like to shop for my evening dresses a few months before the event. This way, I won't rush into buying something that does not fit me.  And if the evening dress needs to be altered, I still have ample time to do so.

When selecting an evening dress, the most important issue in fabric selection is whether it makes the wearer look and feel beautiful. Some synthetic laces can be stiff, so if a gown feels stiff or scratchy, it may not be the best choice.  Some chiffon can be really thin and cheesy looking.  I have always preferred ice cotton or some shimmering cotton that does not require ironing for my evening dress.  Most importantly, I will choose a dress that I feel comfortable and beautiful in and it must be inexpensive since you do not wear the same evening dress more than twice.

Many online dress shops based in China offer a wide selection of cheap evening dresses. Most of the evening dresses are ready-made while some offer custom-tailored dresses.  These are often surprisingly affordable compared to off-the-rod goods in high-end dress shops. One such online dress shop is ihomecoming.com, an online evening dress shop that offers a good choice of cheap elegant evening dresses.

If you are looking for a cheap evening dress, you can check out my online store or simply google 'cheap evening dresses'. You'll be surprised with how many such online dress stores there are on the world wide web.

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