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Friday, October 16, 2015

Chu Yoke Fun (Pork Noodles)

Lunch today was a simplified version of chu yoke fun (pork noodles).

I made a big pot of anchovy soup last night and made fish ball noodles.  Since there was still some soup left, I bought some minced pork this morning, marinated the minced pork with soy sauce, pepper and sesame seed oil and made pork noodles.  The girls loved it and commented that it tasted yummier than the one from our favorite pork noodle stall :D

Health Freak Mommy's Anchovy Soup
1.  Saute washed and drained anchovies with minced garlic for about 10 minutes.  Sometimes I add in prawn heads and shells.  If prawn heads and shells are added, you can later add in some prawns, boiled eggs and pork slices to make prawn noodles.
2.  Add desired amount of water and bring to a boil.
3.  Add in carrots and tomatoes.  The carrots impart a natural sweetness to the broth while the tomatoes and prawns give the broth a very interesting orangy-red color.
4. Simmer the soup for about an hour in medium fire.
5.  Add salt, if desired.

With this versatile soup, one can dish up fish ball noodles, pork noodles, prawn noodles or use it as stock for other dishes and even porridge.

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