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Friday, October 9, 2015

Food For The Soul - Porridge

My comfort food has always been porridge.

Why porridge?

Well, it must have been traced back to my childhood days.  Whenever I was unwell, my mum or maternal granny would dish out the most delicious porridge to soothe my tummy, mind and soul.   My mum's porridge would always have grated carrots, cabbage, minced pork or fish and a little garlic oil. It's cooked in the slow cooker for several hours until the rice becomes really smooth and soft.   It's the most delish porridge ever and my girls love it as well.

When I don't feel too good, the first comfort food that comes into mind is porridge.

Yesterday I was having quite a bit of heart palpitations. I think they are caused by lack of sleep, the girls stressing me out and having no help at home for several days.  I was super busy with online work too.  Cooking porridge in the rice cooker is the fastest and easiest meal to whip up. No other dish can ever be this easy.  I dumped in 3/4 cup of rice, a few chunks of soft pork, sweet potatoes, carrots, dried oysters and pressed 'porridge' on the rice cooker twice to whip up a bowl of delish porridge.

With some chopped scallions, a few shakes of pepper and a piece of my favorite 'foo yi', my mood was instantly buoyed after enjoying this bowl of yummy porridge in absolute peace at home when the girls were still in school :)

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