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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Homecooked Dinner of Mushroom And KFC Pasta and Choy Sum In Prawn Broth

On Monday, the MIL had to travel to Ipoh to attend a funeral. While she was away, I whipped up the kids' favorite for dinner...

Mushroom pasta with KFC and prawn broth.

It so happened that the MIL had prepared a pot of prawn broth a day earlier, so I used it to dish up a choy sum soup and used some of the soup for the mushroom pasta.

One of the kitchen chores that I hate the most is peeling garlic and onions. So I taichi-ed this task to Alycia and Cass!  They didn't like this chore too, especially the big grumpy girl and I told them that if they did not want to help, they can very well not eat the pasta as well. That very much got them to do the task :D

Cass donned on a pair of disposable plastic gloves and helped me to shred KFC chicken for the mushroom pasta.

Choy sum in prawn broth.  The prawn broth is made using prawn shells and prawn heads.

Mushroom pasta cooked with avocado oil, fresh button mushrooms, garlic and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This dinner was the prelude to my many other cincai bocai dishes as the mil has just left for Hong Kong today. Whether the girls like it or not, they will have to bear with my minimalist and no frills dishes for the next three to four months! :D

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