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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hubby's Chinese Translator

Some of you may be wondering why my girls are in a Chinese primary school though hubs and I are both pure yellow bananas.

What's a yellow banana?  We have yellow skin but are white inside, as in talk and even think like gwai lohs (the whites).  HA!

I have never really supported hubby's decision to send the girls to a Chinese primary school and definitely not to a private Chinese high school. Yup Alycia's going to attend a Chinese high school next year.   Totally NOT my idea OK.  It's purely his decision.  He's the boss.

And you see why....

He now has a Chinese translator here to help him check the bill, printed all in Chinese, at a Chinese restaurant, A-HA.

But I am still opposed to the idea of Alycia going to a Chinese high school next year. It's not her choice as well.   Learning Chinese for 6 years is torturous enough.   But again, he's the boss. And I just have to do extra work everyday checking her English essay so that she will not lose touch of writing well in English, which is my homework to her before she can touch her iGadgets!


Wai Mann Eng said...

No more Chinese for us! In fact, a long sigh of relief after struggling to learn Chinese with the boy for more than 6 years. :) My boy's best friend is going to a Chinese high school. He asked me about my thoughts of Chinese high school. We shared our views and discussed his strengths and weaknesses with him. We let him decide, it's up to him if he wants to tag along. He decided that going to a smk suited him more. We will do igcse at home if he can cope well in the local syllabus. Let's see. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hi Wai Man, wish I could do the same for my girls. We'll see how it goes next year. Hopefully all will be well for my girls :)

Wai Mann Eng said...

Maths is not my boy's strong subject though he can still score A in SJKC, most of his classmates can score full marks. I heard uec Maths is extremely hard and coupled with Chinese which isn't his strong subject either, we'd rather he spends his time doing igcse than attending tuition classes everywhere around town. Chinese high school is a good place to go, just that we and he himself feel it doesn't suit him. :)

Shireen Yong said...

The girls' Mandarin tutor also told us about the tough UEC Math for high school. It's totally different from what they learned from P1 - P6. We'll see how it goes. If she can't cope, we can always pull her out :S

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, me too facing same problem ...hubby support chinese private.
Nat here

Shireen Yong said...

Hi Nat, so your girl's going to a private chinese high school too next yr?