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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Healthy Homecooked Dinner

Here's another easy peasy, simple and no-frills dinner that I cooked on one of the weekdays this week. It's very colorful (which is healthy and pretty!) with all the nutritious colorful veggies ranging from red to orange, yellow and green.

Pan-fried chicken fillet with tau cheong (bean paste), coarse black pepper, garlic, onions. maple syrup and sweet corns.

Blanched organic brocolli, again!  And ABC soup with Sakura chicken. The girls only like ABC soup and lotus root soup, so it's easy job for me as I only rotate between these two soups and throw in vegetable soups once or twice a week :D

Cass decorated her plate of dinner. Can you visualize what it is?
She says the broccoli florets are the tree branches and leaves, the chicken fillet is the tree bark, sweet corn kernel the ants, carrots are the fruits from the tree, celery the earth worms, onions the clouds and cherry tomatoes are the flowers :D

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