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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lunch and Dinner - 11 November 2015

Lunch and dinner yesterday had to be churned out really quickly as I had to be in the hospital again. This time, to get Cass' doctor to fill out the insurance claim form again -- for the 3rd time! And I could see that he was a tad pissed off :(   I am thinking positively now, praying fervently and hoping to attract positive vibes so that this time round, the claim of RM5,000 will be approved! Pray for me, will ya, pretty please? :)

For lunch, I made a healthy quick egg mayo toasted sandwich.

Ingredients for egg mayo (for 3 servings):
1) 4 eggs, hard-boiled and mashed
2) Ground pepper
3) Soy Sauce
4) Julienned raw carrots
5) Julienned cucumbers
6) A few squeezes of Japanese mayo
7) Raw onions (optional)
8) Chopped cabbage (optional)

For dinner, I had wanted to takeout but the chef at our usual eatery hadn't arrived yet. Hubs asked us to eat at the Japanese restaurant at our condo but hello, that would cost us a  minimum of RM80- RM90 and the food won't be sustaining enough for 3 growing girls and a mummy on diet.

So what the heck!  I made a quick dash to the kitchen and prepared our favorite local delight - pork noodles with spinach for the girls and pork noodles with bitter gourd and spinach for moi.

This bowl of vermicelli with bitter gourd, organic spinach, carrots, black fungus strips, garlic oil is for me.

And this bowl of curly carrot wheat noodles with an egg, organic spinach, carrots, black fungus strips, garlic oil is for the girls.

Soup base for pork noodles:
1) Saute anchovies with oil, chopped garlic and onions
2) Add water
3) Throw in veggies of your choice (for added sweetness). I used 2 carrots and 2 organic tomatoes.
4) Simmer for an hour
5) Pinch of salt

It would taste better had I added some pork bones but I didn't plan to cook this yesterday, thus I didn't prepare any pork bones.

What a fulfilling and enjoyable dinner that was and definitely worth the 1 hour of slogging in the kitchen :)

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