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Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Sunday - 22 November 2015 (Street Food Lunch At The School, Jaya One, PJ)

After collecting my free package of Izumio and Super Lutein from my friend's house at the Shah Alam Golf Course, we headed to The School @ Jaya One for lunch.

Hubby was in the mood to try the food trucks and stalls at the street food section, just at the entrance of The School.

Guess which  stall was first to have caught my eyes?

SANGKAYA COCONUT ice-cream!  My absolute favorite!  And it has toasted coconut flakes too.  If you know me well, you'll know that I am nuts over coconuts :D  Without hesitation, I bought a scoop each for the girls.

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Coconut shells  used as bowls with young coconut flesh, for the coconut ice-cream.

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Hubs and I shared this coconut ice-cream on a coconut shell with coconut flesh, toasted coconut flakes, red kidney beans and peanut nibs.

We had ice-cream as our appetizer for lunch! In fact, that was the first solid food that went into our tummies that Sunday morning.  Sometimes, it feels good to go against the grain, to get out of rut :)

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The girls stopped at the Korean sushi and kimchi stall and bought some tuna kimchi and tuna sushi after sampling them.  I was too busy enjoying my Sangkaya ice-cream and totally forgot about snapping a picture of the sushi and kimchi :)

Next stop was at Streat Thai restaurant.  I didn't enjoy my lunch here coz hubby accidentally toppled his glass of lychee ice tea and my dress was soaked with sticky tea, eeewww!

Braised beef noodles.

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I did not have the chance to sample this as I was busy cleaning myself from the sticky sweet lychee milk tea, aargh!!!

This Thai papaya salad with anchovy sauce is the HOTTEST I have ever tasted!  My mouth was burning after just one small mouthful of papaya and I had to spit it out instantly. Even hubby who is a chili junkie could not tolerate this plate of flame! We had this packed away and I gave it to our part-time Indon helper who could stomach fiery food.

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Pad Thai...
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This glass of cool  pandan and lemon grass drink was really refreshing and aromatic and managed to douse the heat in my burning mouth.

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Thai sticky rice with mango and coconut milk.  There was also another Thai street kuih that resembled and tasted like kuih talam that we ordered but no picture was taken.  

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We also ordered a stir-fried kailan with salted fish, a beef green curry and a grilled chicken in skewers but all the pictures were not taken as I wasn't in the right mood for photography with a sticky wet dress clinging on to my thighs!

Overall, the food from this Thai restaurant is just mediocre.  Crowd was good though, noticeably from the reasonably priced food.

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