Health Freak Mommy: Our Weekend (7-8 November 2015)


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Monday, November 9, 2015

Our Weekend (7-8 November 2015)

My brother, SIL and niece from Singapore were in KL over the weekend.

The girls had a great time bonding with Raelyn, their cousin.  Check out the pix!

The girls had soft-serve ice-cream after dinner on Saturday...

Play time...

Tucking into some sinful desserts after lunch on Sunday...

The desserts of waffles, molten lava cake and chocolate brownie were divine and therapeutic but I had totally forgotten to snap a picture of the name of the cafe! But we shall be back again soon and I shall remember to snap a picture of the cafe and put up another proper post on it this time.

My brother and family will be back in KL again this weekend and the girls look forward to another happy weekend spending time with them.

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