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Monday, November 16, 2015

Pizza Bread With Portobello Mushrooms and Rosemary

After a very heavy and meaty lunch of chicken and char siew rice, I wanted something meat-free for dinner. The girls were not keen to eat meat too.  As I have a lot of wholemeal bread left in the fridge, I made pizza bread for the girls for dinner today.  There was also a blanched siew pak choy veggie but no picture was taken.

Ingredients that I used:
1) 1 big punnet of fresh Portobello mushrooms
2) 1 ripened organic tomato
3) Lots of chopped garlic and onions
4) A handful of fresh rosemary
5) 3 tablespoon of bolognese sauce. I don't normally use bottled pasta sauce but I have been really busy today and did not have ample time to blend the tomatoes.

My yummy pot of Portobello mushrooms with aromatic rosemary.

In to the oven for 15 minutes at 170 degree Celsius....

The girls enjoyed their healthy crispy pizza bread. I asked them if they'd have preferred minced beef for the pizza topping but they voted meat out!


Chris said...

You can shorten the prep time even more. No need to cook the sauce separately. Just smear the pasta sauce on the bread, then top with veggies or cheese etc. For a change, can do "white pizza" which has no tomato sauce but pesto and cheese etc. Some people like thin slices of potato but I find that too carb-y.

Shireen Yong said...

Hi Chris, yes a no-cooking pizza will be on the cards on my very very busy days. Just slather pasta sauce on the bread and top with tomatoes, mushrooms or some left over meat.
You mean use slices of potato in rep. of the bread / crust? Wouldn't that be soft as potatoes take a long time to cook and to make crispy? I suppose then that one's knife skills must be really good to slice the potatoes really thin, eh? :)