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Monday, February 1, 2016

Cassandra's Latest Craze

Cass' latest craze is some kiddos' cutesy toys called Shopkins.

Shopkins are a range of 148 grocery store-themed characters for kids to collect, share, and trade. Shopkins come packaged with a shopping bag and a hand basket, which can be used to tote around lots of Shopkins friends.

Beatrice Lindsay, 6, loves her collection of Shopkins because they are so cute. "They’re funny and they’re lots of fun,” she says.

Some time in August 2015, Shopkins were the latest toy craze to capture Canadian kids. These tiny toys are as hot as Pokemon once was. Girls (and even boys) enjoy collecting them, organizing them and using the supplied checklist to keep track of their collection. This collectability is part of what makes Shopkins such a hot item. There are hundreds of characters available, with different levels of rarity.

I have no frigging idea why Cass, who has never liked soft toys or dolls would like Shopkins. As a baby, she liked 'challenging' toys like stacking cups or slotting shapes into a shape sorter. As a toddler, she only liked jigsaw puzzles and playing with real kitchen utensils.  Dolls and soft toys given to her as presents were all given away.   I hardly ever bought her toys when she was younger. She hardly ever bugged me for toys too, except for Rainbow Loom 2 years ago and play dough recently.

For the past 2 weeks, Cass has been bugging me to buy her Shopkins.  I caved in and set a few conditions, which she met.   But I didn't know where to buy Shopkins. I searched Toys R Us online but they did not carry Shopkins. Cass then bugged her daddy to help her buy these toys online from overseas. I think it would be absolutely crazy to pay so much for international shipping to ship these toys over. The shipping may cost more than the toy itself.

Then yesterday, the girls' friend in school Whatsapp-ed a picture of Shopkins to Alycia.  The friend saw Shopkins at Parkson @ Sg Wang Plaza.  Cass was happy beyond words.  From that moment, she has been using her magical charm on her daddy. She has been talking to her daddy using her cutest charming voice and giving her daddy lots of hugs to charm him.

And daddy was entranced!

This morning, he took pictures of Shopkins with his phone as reference for him to shop for the toy.  But he will first try checking out the wholesale toy shop at China Town and if  that fails, he will then have to make a trip to Parkson.

Since this morning, Cass has been sending umpteen Whatsapp messages to daddy to remind him to shop for Shopkins :D

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Maybe I should also do a 'Cass' Charm' to beguile the hubs for some bling bling diamonds and Chanel bags ;)

A swap held at Vaughan Mills in June saw a turnout of hundreds.

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