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Monday, April 25, 2016

Healthy Home-Cooked Dishes

If you cook everyday, I am sure you are always running out of idea on what to cook. When the MIL is around, this stress is off my shoulders :D

However, whenever she is overseas, I will always be sitting in front of my computer, googling for easy-to-cook recipes. If you follow my blogs, I am sure you know by now  that I am not someone who loves to cook or bake :D

Put it simply, I am  not one who loves food (but I married a man who is a foodie and comes from a family who hearts food) but I cook for the love of my precious angels.

If you are looking for new dishes to surprise your family, you can try the following easy and wholesome dishes:

Braised organic Japanese pumpkin with pork / chicken slices and dried shrimps.
Stir-fried assortment of vegetables.  We have celery, yellow capsicum, red capsicum, Shimeiji mushrooms and fish cakes, stir-fried with garlic and onions.

Image may contain: food

Below: steamed golden pomfret fish with minced tau cheong, garlic and ginger.

Image may contain: food

Happy cooking! ;)

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