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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Old Is Gold - Card Games

When we were back in Ipoh for Qing Ming two weekends ago, my mum unearthed some of the card games that my brothers and I used to play with, over 3 decades ago!

My mum's a real good keeper of our books, toys and clothes.  Some of these cards games are not available for sale now and can only be purchased from a toy museum.

While Alycia and Sherilyn spent their afternoon at the Ipoh Swimming Club with their grand aunts and cousins, I stayed home with Cass and we played all the card and board games that I used to play with when I was her age -- Old Maid, Beggar My Neighbor, Happy Families, Snakes And Ladders, chess, Black Jack and Go Fish using a deck of Playing Cards.  The weather in Ipoh was hotter than KL and we stayed indoor with the air-conditioner turned on all day, enjoying our good old board and card games :)

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